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My K9s4COPs Virtual Dog Walk Fundraising Page

Laurie Krohn

Laurie Krohn

Join me for LEASHED- the first-ever Virtual Dog Walk for K9s4COPs!

Please help me support K9s4COPs by making a contribution to my Virtual Dog Walk fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise for K9s4COPs will go towards the purchase of highly trained K9 partners for law enforcement agencies needing assistance. You can also ask me how you can join my walk team and fundraise for K9s4COPs yourself! 

Why K9s? K9s are invaluable to the safety of our communities. They are used to sweep for explosives, search for narcotics, apprehend suspects on the run and search and rescue missing people. Plus- K9 partners help officers do their jobs safer, faster and, in many cases, have saved their lives. With budgets being cut, law enforcement agencies are unable to pay fo a K9 or replace their K9s when injured, retired or killed in the line of duty. A K9 and initial training can cost $15,000 to $45,000— depending on the K9’s detection skills. This is where K9s4COPs comes to the rescue and funds these K9s for law enforcement and schools in need.

The world has changed, but mission of K9s4COPs and the work of K9 officers and first responders hasn’t. Together we can help K9s4COPs get more K9s out protecting OUR streets and OUR communities and schools. Many thanks in advance for your generous support of K9s4COPs and for participating in this virtual dog walk. 

Together we can STOP CRIME ONE K9 AT A TIME! 

Go to https://K9s4COPs.org/ to learn more about how they are making communities and schools safer with K9 officer donations.



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